Okay, second time. xD Finished this after waking up~
The idea stemmed from Like-Lucy-in-the-Sky.

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    Friend: Greed-ler Getting “too” friendly: PervyGreed-ler First Kiss: Pun-ler Lover: Greed-ler Enemy: Ghost Once-ler...
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    Friend: Pun-ler ….Makes pretty much sense Getting too “friendly” Greed-Ler: Ok,good. First kiss: Pun-ler …but…hm…i...
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    I got ONe-ler…for all of them…0.o
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    I dont know what this means
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    friend: greed-ler getting too “friendly”: swag first kiss: mute-ler pun-ler ghost once-ler greed-ler

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