The Once-ler’s mom is a cold bitch but gotta thank her for hiring a designer for the green suit he wore, because lets face it- He does not have an ounce of fashion sense in both his grey wardrobe and the thneed (on the otherhand, I can see where he gets his genes from, oop).

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I have no regrets.


I have no regrets.

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I remember I was so close on becoming an askblog’s main squeeze because the Mod wanted to have seperate AUs with every fangirl that were hoping to pair up with a fictional character and have everyone be happy(which I had no problem with, tbh). BUT some dipstick took offense to that and called it “whoring” around, and it was just- CHILL DUDE, HE’S FICTIONAL. That date and development never happen after that (and Mod lost interest in keeping up with the blog, like all blogs do when it has run it’s course). But man, there goes my dumb spring romance.

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Though I still have work for most of the day but still-

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who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

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Art by Justin White aka jublin

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hello hi i made the anti choice five nights at freddys post. it currently has over five THOUSAND notes. I was wrong about the desolate hope. here’s a link with a statement from the creator

i never saw this article, but if i knew the post would have gotten this many notes, i…

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hey. did i mention i love neil cicierega

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Eyes melt, skin explodes

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